A Country Of Just, Effective Laws

America is a country of laws. They are designed to protect its citizens from each other, overzealous law enforcement, and even its elected officials. The American Constitution and the Bill of Rights are documents designed to provide guidance on the creation and enforcement of the laws of the land. They were written by the visionary founding fathers that had seen the results of undo power resting in the hands of the king. Those two documents also outline the freedoms to which each and every American is entitled.

img_legalOne of the great things about the American legal system is that it allows for changes or amendments to the laws as they become necessary. Americans simply need to make their concerns and desires known to their elected representatives and they are given an opportunity to vote on whether or not a majority agree the proposed changes should be codified into law. This system is one of the reasons the United States has been able to avoid unrest, keep its citizens happy, and has grown into one of the most admired countries in the world. While police agencies all across the country are charged with enforcing the laws, they are subject to those very laws themselves. When citizens feel their rights are being violated by law enforcement officers, there are systems set up by which they can demand redress.

Citizens can even file suit when they feel businesses have damaged their health and well-being by selling substandard products. This ability for the little man to hold even rich and powerful businesses liable for the damage they have done speaks to the just nature of the laws. While all citizens may not agree with every law, there is a system designed to provide an opportunity for public discourse on whether or not specific laws should be changed wherein you can check in this site http://www.opolaw.com.

Even elected leaders and public officials are subject to the laws of the land and can be brought low when they try to use their power inappropriately. People involved in the three branches of the American government also use checks and balances to make sure no one segment misuses their power. This system has worked very effectively for over 200 years and has been the inspiration for other nations.

Yes America is a nation of laws. Those laws guide the country, protects it citizens, and have helped to make the country a great nation.